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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best grinder for either herbs, weed, marijuana, or tobacco. You want a grinder that is effective and will grind your spice, herb, weed, tobacco, or bud, evenly and finely, to get the best out of it. There are lots of grinders for sale in headshops and online, so how do you tell which is the best for you?

It all comes down to price or quality. Yes, you can buy a cheap plastic one from your local corner store, but who really wants those? The teeth inside the grinder can break off and be accidentally smoked, so you want really a high quality one that will have good strength, such as aluminium, or titanium industrial strength, and you obviously want to impress your friends by having the best grinder too. It’s easier to make your weed and herb go further with a great quality grinder too. The best weed grinders now all have kief catchers, which is what you want if you prefer a really strong and long-lasting smoke.

Top 3 Weed Grinders You can Buy Online


  • Space Case Grinder
  • Titanium Case


  • Cali Crusher Grinder
  • Various Colors


  • Chromium Crusher Grinder
  • Low Priced

Cali Crusher Homegrown 4 Piece Grinder

Cali Crusher Homegrown Pocket 4 Piece - RedThe Cali Crusher grinder is the most popular grinder. It combines high quality design, with a low cost to bring you what will be a long lasting, and great performing grinder. The Cali Crusher Homegrown is the newest in the series, and this one is by far the best ever featuring amazing many great design aspects including a range of 10 colors, such as black, blue, red, and pink.

Perfect if you really want that extra customization. No other weed grinder on the market has so many different color styles. The case for the Cali is made from aerospace grade aluminium, and has been finished with an exterior bead blast that prevents the case getting any scratches, and keeps it in brand new looking condition, even after it’s been in the same pocket as your house keys.

The Cali Crusher does come in 3 different size types too. There is the standard 4 piece size, which will probably be perfect for you if you’re a home grinder. If your just a simple user, you can get the 2 piece size, which is obviously smaller, and then if your on the road quite a bit and find you need something that fit’s nicely into your pocket, then the pocket size will be best for you.

It has special groove and cut teeth that will chew and cut everything you throw at it. It also has a really deep capture chamber. Much deeper than other grinders. It uses powerful neodymium earth magnets to ensure it holds together tightly while you grind your weed. It is produced to such a high standard that it is medical grade quality, and includes a scrape to collect the pollen from the bottom chamber. The makers of the Cali Crusher are so convinced that this is top of the range, that they offer a lifetime guarantee on all the teeth. How about that for confidence.

Check out the Cali Crusher Homegrown at Amazon.com for the best price, and real reviews>>

Space Case 4 Piece Titanium Grinder

Space-Case-Titanium-Black-and-Silver-All-ModelsIf you want a grinder that is top of the range, and designed with the highest quality strong titanium metal finish, then you need the Space Case. Its advanced in design, as it is in the cool sounding name department. The top compartment is magnetic, so it locks together automatically as you start to grind. One of the stand out features of the Space Case is that the screen for catching the kief and pollen in is built-in to the aluminium during the manufacturing process. This way it stays strong and tight over the course of it’s life time.

It comes in 3 different sizes, small, medium, and large. The small and medium are really perfect for your average smoker, and the large one, if you find you smoke lots, or have large batches of colas that you want to grind up in one go. As well as being top quality in design, it’s made in the USA, so you can be sure there is no shortcuts in the engineering process for creating this grinder.

It is magnetised aircraft aluminium, and this is why it’s called the Space Case. It really is top of the range in quality. Even if you want to throw more than weed at it, and use tobacco leaves or even dried up kitchen ingredients, like roots, the teeth on the Space Case will grind and cut through them easier than you have ever found with alternative grinders. The teeth are diamond shaped, and once cut the pollen or granules will fall through to the screen where you can collect everything. The screen is strong and this section will hold about 3 grinds section worth of content. Perfect if you have any large buds you want to grind up.

The Space case does also come with a scraper to scrape of the best bud, and if any pollen falls through the screen, it collects in the bottom tray, perfect for harvesting when you have a special smoke. For whatever type of dried herbs you plan to use this with, you won’t be disappointed. It performs well, year after year, just like when you first bought it. It also comes in either black or silver.

Check out the Space Case Titanium at Amazon.com for the best price, and real reviews>>

Chromium Crusher Grinder

Chromium-Crusher-Grinder-4-PieceCheaper than the other 2 grinders above, how does the Chromium Crusher measure up? The first thing to notice about the Chromium Crusher is that the metal used to create it is not any special type of aluminium, it’s made with a heavy duty durable zinc alloy. Not that it isn’t still good, but it just doesn’t have the bling of its rivals. It is priced at less than $10, and does come in a number of colors, including gun metal, pink, green and gold. So there is a good range of personalization you can have with this grinder.

The type of metal used for the grinder is really where the unfair comparison ends. The Chromium has a strong magnetic top that ensures everything stays closed while you’re grinding. The teeth are diamond shaped and have a powerful cutting action when you’re grinding your weed. You might have to turn it upside down a couple of times while grinding, just to ensure you have a bit movement, as the teeth certainly due feel less sharp than the Space Case and Cali Crusher, but it’s still sharp enough that it will grind tobacco leaves, and cooking herbs nicely. If your going to use it for some really good dried out weed, then it works perfect to. It’s only when your cannabis is slightly wet that this grinder doesn’t perform all that well.

The screen for this grinder is firmly attached, and is tight, so all your grind will be easy to pick out from the screen compartment, thanks to the included scraper too. Plus there is the bottom compartment which captures the pollen, for a super smoke session. It all screws together nicely, and it’s only if your used to a more expensive grinder that you will pick up on the thread engineering difference, but again, it’s very limited, and not an issue with the Chromium.

This grinder does include a limited lifetime warranty, which only really covers the teeth breaking. Not something that you would expect from this, even at the budget price point. There are 4 size versions of this grinder. 2″, 2.2″, 2.5″ and 3″. The 3″ one is the most expensive, usually more than $10, however you get a super large chamber that will allow you to pack in enough for a large joint, or a good few bongs. Defiantly a starter grinder that you want to check out if price is an issue.

Check out the Chromium Crusher at Amazon.com for the best price, and real reviews>>

What is a Herb Grinder?

A Herb Grinder is a device used to grind herb, weed, bud, marijuana, tobacco, or other spices. This is not to be confused with a food grinder, which is clearly made for an entirely different purpose. Herb grinders have jagged teeth that rub against each other to grind your weed into small uniform pieces. People use grinders to save time and to be have a tighter packed bowl or joint. By using the best grinder or best weed grinder, you can pack the ultimate bowl, bong rip,joint, or blunt that will impress your friends.

How to Pick the Best Grinder?

weedleaf & frinderThe biggest misconception people have about herb grinders is that they are all the same. They are actually really different depending on whether you’re a serious smoker or a recreational smoker. Here are some things to look for when picking the best grinder or best weed grinder for your herb:

  • Quality: This is important because we want our grinders to last and not break after dropping it or grinding too much
  • Results: When you are looking for the best grinder or best weed grinder, look for one that has pins located in the right spots to ensure a smooth grind.
  • Materials: What your grinder is made of is important to consider because many of them can make you sick. That’s why I stay away from wood or plastic grinders. The wood finish can be toxic your lungs and plastic can break. I like to stick with metal grinders.
  • Price: You can pay anything from $5 to $100 for a grinder. Higher priced grinders do a better job grinding, are more durable, and include kief catchers. You get what you pay for. Do the right thing and just buy the best grinder or best weed grinder.

The Different Kind of Grinders

weedplantGrinders can be made of wood, plastic, or metal.

  • Wood grinders: Wood grinders are nice if you like a more natural looking grinder. They mostly only have single compartments because it is impractical to make multiple compartments out of wood. They can also have cool custom carvings. I don’t recommend getting a wood grinder because honestly most of them suck and give poor results.
  • Plastic grinders: Plastic grinders are probably the most common type of grinder. They are cheap and don’t last long. Most of them are also simple one compartment grinders.
  • Metal Grinders: Metal grinders are sturdy and more expensive. They are hard to break and do a really good job grinding your herb. They are a status symbol as well as the best grinder or best weed grinder. It just simply doesn’t make sense to have a really nice bong and a cheap plastic grinder.
  • Hand crank: These grinders are pretty rare and have a little crank on the side like a fishing reel. They look stupid and are completely unnecessary. Don’t get one.
  • Electric: These grinders are an overkill. They are big and grind the same as the top metal grinders. They are for the super lazy smokers who just want to press a button and let the machine do all the work.

Multiple Compartment Grinders

grinderdisplayGrinders can come in one, two, or three compartments.

  • Single compartment grinders: Also known as two piece grinders, these are the simplest grinders. You grind and take out the weed in the same compartment. This is not the best grinder or best weed grinder, but it is simple and cheap. The problem with two piece grinders are you may not get a uniform grind and you could end up with chunks of bud that’s sticking inside.
  • Two compartment grinders: Also known as three piece grinders, these herb grinders are for more serious smokers. They have small holes in the top compartment which funnel the ground pieces down into another chamber. This makes sure you get a nice and even grind and don’t get any large unground chunks.
  • Three compartment grinders: Also known as four piece grinders, these herb grinders are for professional smokers. If you want the cleanest grinder, this is the best grinder or best weed grinder. It has everything a three piece grinder has plus a compartment at the very bottom to catch kief or pollen. The way it does this is through a small filter which only lets the kief crystals fall through.

What is Kief?

kief ying yangFor those of you would don’t know already, kief is the street term for concentrated THC crystals from the marijuana cannabis plant. THC is the chemical that gets you high. These crystals are pretty small and can be lost easily if you do not handle your marijuana with care. While using a two piece or three piece grinder with no kief catcher, you could potentially lose a lot of kief in the process of grinding. A kief catcher has a filter on the bottom chamber of your grinder to selectively filter kief crystals. This kief can be compressed, heated, and rolled to make hash. Or you can sprinkle some on your bowl, joint, or blunt to give it some extra juice.

There are many benefits to having a kief catcher. It is a good way to collect concentrated THC if you want to make hash. It also saves your bud and your money.  They are a great reward system as well. Every week or so, I check my kief compartment to see how much kief I’ve collected and use it for special occasions.

How to Use the Best Grinder

Marijuana-and-spliffOperating a grinder is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps:

  1. Break up your weed: You won’t be able to fit a full sized nugget in your best grinder or best weed grinder so it is best to break it up into small sizeable chunks that fit. There’s no science behind breaking up your weed. Use your fingers or some scissors/clippers. Just make sure not to get any of the stems in the grinder. They don’t get you high and are useless.
  2. Pack the grinder: pack the small piece between the teeth of the best grinder or best weed grinder of your choice. Make sure your pieces are not too big or they make get stuck or even worse break the teeth.
  3. Twist: Once you’ve closed your grinder, give it a few twists clockwise and counterclockwise. I usually do this for about 30 seconds until I feel there is no more resistance.
  4. Extract: Depending on what type of grinder you have, open the compartment that holds the herb. Pour it out on a table and pack it into your bowl or make your joint/blunt.

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