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Best Digital Scales For Weed

Weed scalesIf you have finally decided to take the step and grab a weed scale, you have landed on the right page! You see, there are a lot of different choices and things to consider when looking to purchase a digital scale. Do you want to find a stealth pocket scale for those tricky times you want to keep it on the down low, or would you rather go with something that can fit in your pocket? What about scales that can weigh a pound or more of green if you are a heavy smoker or moving large quantity of product? No matter your situation, we have you covered.

Why Get A Digital Weed Scale?

You do not need to be a dealer to buy an accurate scale anymore. You and everyone else knows that dealers are sometimes a bit shady and not always the most honestly people. They could be ripping you off without you having any idea. The easiest way to make sure the transaction is fair is if you have a scale to check quickly you are getting what you paid for. No longer will dealers will be making an extra dollar off your ignorance.

It is not just for people who get their weed from dealers either. I have friends that will purchase a quality marijuana scale to weigh out their weed and divide it into smaller doses. These friends are medical marijuana patients and get their green from reputable places, not street corners. This is the best way to know exactly how much you are ingesting and a way to get an exact cost per dose for the patient.
It matters not if you are a medical marijuana patient, or buying your ganja on the corner of the street. If you purchase a scale to weigh marijuana you will be saving a lot of money in the long run. The best part is that scales are often times very affordable so anyone should be getting one. If you are looking for a good quality scale, it should not set you back more than 40 dollars or so. Below we will go into each type of weed scale and you can pick out which one best suit your needs.

Stealth Digital Weed Scales

If you need a weed scale that can be hid away from anyone looking or let it sit out in plain site without a worry in the world, this is the selection you should be looking at. We will go into some of our favorites below.

Stealth Coffee Mug Digital Weed Scale

The minimum weight of this unit comes in at .1 grams and goes all the way up to 500 grams. This should be enough for your typical user. It looks exactly like a coffee mug so you can keep this one sitting on your desk without anyone asking what it is. Sure to keep you safe in all situations, this mug scale features a place to stash your goods but also holds real coffee if you want to sip on it in the morning. The bottom of the mug slides out where you can use the scale. We put this at the top of the list of stealth weed scales because it looks awesome and works flawlessly.

CD Case Stealth Weed Scale

CD-Scale-220x220If you want to grab a digital scale and keep it hidden, this is one of the best choices out there. The scale is a CD case that is meant to look like part of your music collection. When you open it up, you are looking at a fully functioning measuring device that will weigh up to a max of 500 grams and goes up in .1 gram increments. The best part is the CD cover art to make it look 100% real.

Small Pocket Digital Scales

This selection is meant for the average weed scale consumer. They fit in your pocket, they are very common, and they work extremely well while being completely accurate and at an affordable price. Lets dive into it and see which ones we found to work best.

650 X Pocket Digital Scale

650 scalesNeed something ultra portable to weigh out your weed on the road? The 650 X is the perfect choice. It will fit in your pocket, easy to tuck away in a drawer and out of sight, and is very accurate. You can weigh up to 650 grams in .1 gram increments. It is produced by American Weigh Scale and has over 400 positive reviews on Amazon. I think the biggest selling point on this digital weigh product is that it is very accurate, has great reviews and is extremely cheap so you can spend more money on weed! You can grab it right now for less than 12 dollars which is a steal. Hands down this is the best digital scale for weed you can buy currently.

Blade Digital Scale

blade scaleWhile we believe the 650 X is the best digital scale out there, the blade scale is by far the most common product you will see on the market. It features a large weighing surface that will be able to weigh up a bit more product. You will be able to check up to 1000 grams in .1 gram increments and it is very easy to use with a 3 key set up. The Blade features a flip out screen that tucks away under the product when not in use. If you need more surface area, it comes with an expansion tray and is very affordable. Another popular digital scale, with loads of great reviews, you need to check this one out!

Smart Weigh High Precision

Smart Weight ScaleWhen it comes to getting the best value of your weed, sometimes you just want to be the most accurate you can. The smart weigh high precision is only for those people who want to be absolutely sure they are getting the best value for their money. You can weigh up to 100 grams which is far less than the other scales, but the shining selling point of this digital marijuana scale is that it will be accurate. It goes up in .01 grams which is 10 times more accurate than the other scales mentioned in this article. Not bad right? Coming in at under 10 dollars, this is one you do not want to miss.

Large Capacity Weed Scales

Sometimes scales that are stealth or that fit in your pocket are just not large enough for the job at hand. When you really need to weigh, move and be accurate with the product you are dealing with, it is time to bring out the big guns. They used to not be the most accurate but with advancements in the digital scene; they can now be both affordable as well as accurate (.1 grams of accuracy!). Here is our favorite choice currently.

Digital Bowl Scale

This digital bowl scale by American Weigh Scales is perfect for larger jobs. They have 3 versions of this bad boy. You can pick from 500 gram capacity, 1000 gram capacity, and 3000 gram capacity. They are all affordable but where they really shine is that they offer accuracy of .01 grams. That is incredible for the amount that it will need to weigh. Coming in with over 300 reviews on Amazon and looking sleek at the same time, this should only be purchased if you want to take accuracy to the next level with large amounts of product.

For anything larger than this, you may need to which will not be as accurate but will get the job done when you are dealing in pounds and not grams anymore.

What Is The Best Place To Purchase A Digital Scale?

Scales are sold absolutely everywhere so you could buy one when you are out at the store, at a gas station, or at your local super market. If you do not want to pay the markup and save some money, I would highly recommend picking one up online. Amazon carries almost every product known to man and at rock bottom prices with fast shipping. You will not need to worry about using a credit card as purchasing a scale is a normal part of life so no one will raise an eyebrow. If you do not like your new scale, you can always return it as Amazon’s customer service is some of the best in the business. Buy with confidence and enjoy your new scale and weighing out your product. If at any time you feel like you want to stop smoking, feel free to . Otherwise, Blaze On!