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rollingpaperWhen rolling your own herb or tobacco, it is important to use the best rolling papers. The best rolling papers for weed, herb or tobacco will make a huge difference on whether you get a nice tight finished product or a loose crumbly mess. By using the best rolling papers, you will conserve more paper, weed, herb, or tobacco because it burns more evenly and slower. Also, you will save your lungs from more damage because the best rolling papers are made with on toxic chemicals and are not harsh on the lungs.

Many people underestimate the importance of using the best rolling papers. There are many boutique brands out there and most of them are very low quality. We only sell the top brands in our shop and I personally have been using these brands my entire life. If you are interested in finding out more, please review the comparison table below and read my reviews on the best rolling papers.

NameRAWZig Zag Rasta Royale
Imageraw rolling paperszigzag papersrastaroyale
Amazon Rating 5 stars4.9 stars4.9 stars
Length4.33 in 3.07 in 3.07 in
Width 1.25 in 1.25 in 1.5 in
TypeAll Natural Hemp PaperAll Natural Hemp
Features- Best Value
-Ideal for rolling joints since longer than cigarettes
- Brownish tint
- Best Quality
- As long as regular cigarettes
- High quality thin paper
- Cheapest Price-
- As long as regular cigarettes
- Brownish tint
- Burns slow
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RAW king size rolling papers

raw rolling papersThese are one of my favorite rolling papers and one of the best rolling papers for making fat joints or cigarettes. Remember, since these are king sized, they are a bit longer than cigarettes, so ideal for joints. They are made of 100% unbleached organic hemp and does not contain any harsh or toxic chemicals. They are a translucent green colored and are 110mm long or about 4.5 inches. They are a bit shorter than an iphone. If you want shorter papers, RAW has them as well.

I really like how easy it is to roll with the RAWs. They are smooth and not sticky, so when you start rolling your herb and doing that back and forth motion, the paper won’t cling to your fingers. If you mess up the roll and want to start again no problem. The RAW King Size rolling papers are made with pretty tough material and can endure multiple rolls. They do not break down or tear up after a single roll.

These things burn nice and slow and last a while. They also don’t burn unevenly, which is definitely the worst thing you can do to a cigarette or a joint. Of course, it also depends on how to pack it and how you burn it. They are average in terms of thickness – not super thin but not thick either. I really like the taste, it is overall pretty neutral but has a tinge of sweetness.

Overall, I think this is one of the best rolling papers for weed or tobacco. If you want the shorter cigarette sized 78mm papers (about 3 inches), RAW has also carries them.

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Zig Zag Ultra Thin Cigarette Rolling Papers

zigzag papersIf you want the best rolling papers for weed or tobacco that are razor thing with good glue, Zig Zag’s are the way to go. I use these all the time and get a perfect roll every time.  The Zig Zag ultra thin rolling papers are the thinnest papers I’ve seen out of all rolling papers, and they are even more thin than the Zig Zag Orange, which is already advertised to be really thin. The good thing is, thin does not mean weak and able to be torn easily. There is no compromise for Zig Zag’s as they make a solid rolling paper. The paper is just as tough as normal thickness rolling papers. And obviously thinner is better because you are inhaling less paper and more natural substances.

I really like the burn on these ultra thin Zig Zags. A few friends and I have even tried the burn test with some generic gas station rolling papers. By using the same amount of tobacco and the best cigarette rolling machine, we burned the two side by side for comparison. The Zig Zags outlasted the generic brand by nearly 2 minutes. And the Zig Zags have less paper!

These papers taste alright. There is nothing offensive about the taste or smell, and it doesn’t leave any bad aftertastes. I find them quite easy to roll as well, but if you are lazy you should get a cigarette rolling machine.  The double faced glue is quite handy as well. All in all, I highly recommend the ultra thin zig zag’s as one of the best rolling papers on the market. They are a bit pricier than other brands, but well worth it for the quality!

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Rasta Royale 1.5” All Natural Ultra Thin Hemp Rolling Paper

rastaroyaleRasta Royale makes some of the best rolling papers in the industry. It is not as big of a brand as Zig Zags or RAW, but this boutique brand definitely has a lot to offer. The papers are 78mm in length and 1.5 inches in width. These are wider than the normal 1.25” papers used by most companies. The extra width gives you a fatter roll and leaves more room for error. If you prefer the standard width of 1.25” Rasta Royale also sells those.

Rasta Royale is made of 100% natural unbleached hemp, so you don’t get the paper taste. There are no harsh or toxic chemicals added and it is environmentally friendly for those of you who care. The Rasta Royale burns extremely well: it is nice, smooth, and consistent.  They are really thin and durable.  They are not as thin as the Zig Zag ultra thins but on par with the RAWs. They are very durable as well and don’t rip easily. I would compare Rasta Royale to the RAWs. In fact, I think they are pretty much the same, although RAW seems to be more popular and have a better brand name.

We sell these at my shop, but it is sad that nobody really notices them. They get outshined by Zig Zags and RAWs. I think Rastas are one of the best rolling papers for weed and tobacco. I can’t really think of anything wrong with these rolling papers. If you like hemp rolling papers that are all natural and want something cheaper than RAWs with more or less the same quality, give the Rasta Royale a try. You will not be disappointed.

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